Check Up

I always get nervous going to the doctors office for my annual check up.

You get the blood work and say a “Hail Mary” hoping they don’t find anything bad. I hate it and yet I do it.

So sitting in the office waiting for Dr. Peter Hogenkamp to walk in, all kinds of things go though my mind. How many donuts did I eat in the last year or how many bags of Cheetos? I should have exercised more and had more salad.

So he walks in and sits down, looks at me and says…”I have been waiting all day to give you this news.”


“All your numbers look great!” he says smiling.


I am trying to eat better. I have to concentrate on eating less. It is not easy to lose weight especially as I get older. My sugar is good. My cholesterol is low. My triglycerides have dropped 200 points. Now to work on the other problems: pounds. Some days it is a struggle.

There are no guarantees about our health, Anything can happen. In this age where HEALTH CARE is the hot button topic…really WE are in charge of our own health care to a large extant. Insurance can’t fix an unhealthy life style. This is NOT about fitting into a pair of pants. It has to do with the way I live my life. Wish me luck.