I Love this time of the year!

We all know that it’s Basketball time, and if you listen to me every morning, you know that I am a proud mom to Jake, and I do like to “brag just a little” about him and his fellow players.  So, to start off Jake’s 6th grade Rutland Red Pride was undefeated this year in their Rutland Tournament, and so far undefeated in the Annual Ed Glodzik Memorial Tournament.  They have a game Friday night (17th) and that game will determine if they will go to the Championship game on Saturday.  His AAU traveling team “The Demons” coached by Nate Traynor, also starts up for the season this Saturday with games in Albany.  I am extremely proud of  Jake, and his accomplishments that he has made in just a short time of being a part of this traveling team. Keep working hard buddy! Momma is very proud of you!  Keep listening to Terry and myself on the Morning Mix from 6-10, and I will keep you all updated on how his team is doing!  #35hasmyheart