Science For Science Sake

Scientists should pursue the truth based on facts not on what politicians and theologians wish the facts to be.

We live in a time where facts must seemingly meet certain economic or religious criteria.

Last week I watched the new director of the E.P.A. talking about the economy. I just had to laugh. Why on earth would that EVER happen? Economists should talk about money and the Environmental Protection Agency should talk about the ways to protect our citizens and future generations from threats to our planet.

It IS that simple.

Anything else would be a direct conflict of interest putting our population at risk. When we look to ignore science in an effort to build the economy that is when people die.

Do not let any politician tell you that there is a delicate balance.

There is not.

Leave science to the scientists, not the bean counters.

Science does not care what you believe in.

Terry Jaye