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Stuff-A-Bus 2017

Every year we wonder if we are ever going to actually fill a bus up with food… and every year you never let us down! This year over 5,000 dollars in cash/checks/gift cards came in along with 18,760 pounds of food! Saturday of Stuff`A Bus was Veteran’s day, and it was amazing how many Veteran’s…Continue Reading

Fall is our favorite time of the year!

Sometimes it’s ok to be a tourist in the place we live. People travel from all over the world to come to our region this time of year and for good reason. The foliage, the food, clean air, the ambiance that only the Northeast in Autumn can offer. The pumpkin and apple picking, cider donuts,…Continue Reading

Don’t leave your water bottles in your car…

If you have a car, chances are high that in the backseat or somewhere on the floor is a half-empty water bottle or two just baking in the hot summer sun. You probably just haven’t gotten around to throwing them out, like most of us, but after a video from an employee of the Idaho…Continue Reading

Where did the summer go?

Do you believe it is already August.. kids will be going back to school, leaves will be changing, football is around the corner and we can sit around the fire pit and make S’mores!  The summer flew by so quickly that sometimes I feel we did not get enough time on the lake, cookouts, ball…Continue Reading

Catamount Radio July Chamber Mixer

July 11, 2017 @ 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm- FREE Join us at Catamount Radio for the Chamber July Mixer! There will be valuable networking, lots of door prizes, 50/50 raffle, tasty hors d’oeuvres and more! For more information call the Chamber at 802-773-2747. Catamount Radio consists of five local radio stations with strong personalities, brand loyalty, and results-proven programming!…Continue Reading

Science For Science Sake

Scientists should pursue the truth based on facts not on what politicians and theologians wish the facts to be. We live in a time where facts must seemingly meet certain economic or religious criteria. Last week I watched the new director of the E.P.A. talking about the economy. I just had to laugh. Why on…Continue Reading

Catamount Radio Auction – June 3rd, 2017

Coming up this Saturday is our annual tradition of the Catamount Radio Auction.  If you are looking for some great deals and want to have some fun bidding on them, then tune into our sister stations, 105.3 Cat Country and WSYB 1380 AM and 100.1 FM. If it sounds like we are having a blast on…Continue Reading

United States?

Today is the day after Memorial Day and I wonder if we will EVER be the United States again. We are now in a situation where siblings disagree and cannot sit at the same table; where couples are getting divorced; where friends don’t talk to each other any more and where there is violence on…Continue Reading

2017 Rutland Red Pride Champs!

THEY DID IT!   “Rutland Red Pride” won the Ed Glodzik Memorial Tournament!  OMG- What a game they played!  All of these boys worked so hard to get this win! On a personal level, I am extremely proud of how Jake played this season, unfortunately this was his last year to ever play in this Tournament  ;-(  Jake has…Continue Reading

I Love this time of the year!

We all know that it’s Basketball time, and if you listen to me every morning, you know that I am a proud mom to Jake, and I do like to “brag just a little” about him and his fellow players.  So, to start off Jake’s 6th grade Rutland Red Pride was undefeated this year in their Rutland…Continue Reading