Do You Need Separate Bathrooms?

Do You Need Separate Bathrooms?

It may be time for couples to have separate bathrooms… Because a new OnePoll study finds that 70% of couples surveyed are currently in the middle of a “bathroom war.” And nearly 20% of respondents admit to ending a relationship because of their ex’s bathroom habits. Here are some of the survey results:

For men, researchers say the biggest issue was how much hair their partner left in the shower drain without cleaning it. For women, they were turned off by the mess and smells a boyfriend left behind in the bathroom.

And over half of the couples surveyed say they argue about bathroom issues up to three times a week! And the top bathroom fight is about leaving the toilet paper roll empty.

And because of all these bathroom wars, one in 10 adults surveyed say they had a second bathroom installed in their home to avoid their partner’s annoying habits. Another 10% specifically looked for a home with two bathrooms during their last move.

So, who’s really hogging the bathroom? It’s men! It turns out men are actually spending more time in the bathroom than women. According to the poll, men average about 13 minutes in the bathroom to get away from the stress of daily life. Women average only 11 minutes of bathroom “de-stressing”.