Black Bear Relaxes In Vermont Couple’s Hammock

Over the years, Noah and Kristen Dweck have seen countless black bears near their Vermont home. But they’d never seen bears as comfortable as the two who entered their yard this week. The Waitsfield residents were inside their house on Tuesday when they heard the “jingling” of their outside hammock, as if someone had climbed into it, Noah Dweck says. They went outside to find two young black bears on their property – one playing in the yard, the other relaxing in the couples’ hammock. “It was adorable,” Dweck says. “It was a funny sight.” Although Dweck immediately shooed the bears away, he says the bear in the hammock left a lasting impression on him. “To be honest, it was pretty impressive that he didn’t fall off, or she didn’t fall off the hammock, and kind of knew how to do it,” he says. “It was quite funny to see.” What’s the scariest wild animal that’s made its way onto your property?



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