Major Supermarket Report Says We Will Be Eating Termites, Crickets, Locusts And Grasshoppers By 2054


Researchers from the University of York predict that lab-grown hamburgers and cricket salads will become commonplace meals by 2054.  The university's FixOurFood program suggests that consumers will increasingly turn to laboratory-grown meat and insect proteins to reduce emissions and water consumption.  The report also highlights a shift towards locally sourced seasonal produce and traditional preservation methods. The Co-op Responsible Retailing Report shows that consumers are increasingly concerned about ethical and sustainable food, with a majority willing to pay more for such products.  Co-op remains committed to providing responsibly sourced and innovative food options while working towards reducing emissions and promoting sustainability. Would you eat insect proteins in order to help reduce emissions? How have you changed your diet to help the climate?

REUTERS/Kim Kyung-Hoon


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