Good News Roundup - 3/15

Here are some good news stories going into the weekend! This week all of our stories are about the positives of artificial intelligence thanks to Freethink!

  • AI is helping replant forests in Brazil! AI is able to use drones to pinpoint and drop seeds in hard-to-reach areas, and can drop 180 seed capsules every minute. That's roughly 100 times faster than humans!
  • AI is helping with recycling! A UK startup has developed an AI system that analyzes recycling facilities that can help recover and recycle more waste that currently ends up in landfills. The company says they've identified over 85 tons of material that could be recovered.
  • AI is helping with melting icebergs! AI has been trained to map icebergs and measure changes in them roughly 10,000 times faster than humanly possible! This will allow scientists to learn more about them and potentially start proactive measures to slow their melting.

Read more about these stories and more here!

Pixabay / geralt


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